The Turkana, Samburu, Rendille, El Molo, Pokot, Borana and Somali are tribes that, for centuries, have grazed and traded livestock over a vast region known to be the cradle of humanity. Today, the indigenous pastoralist tribes of Kenya face a swift and brutal upheaval from their way of life. Their water and land have been seized by their government to be sold for export agriculture, energy production or game parks, without their consent and without concern for their survival. Their sudden and enduring reality has become drought, hunger and bloodshed of inter-tribal conflict.

This injustice has been possible because the affected people are not yet united.

The BEAT RADIO NETWORK is critical infrastructure development that will provide:
1: Immediate information during crisis.
2: An equal access platform for peaceful & substantial issue discussion.
3: A means to celebrate and protect culture through music and storytelling.

By broadcasting in local languages, BEAT RADIO will help defuse the dangerous gossip that fuels tribal conflict, allow communities to inform and organize themselves and be represented in the ongoing development of the region.

Below is a map of the BEAT RADIO Network we envision, reaching throughout Northern Kenya:


The first station will be built in Isiolo- 20 years ago a mere cattle trading post, now a town of over 60,000 settlers, representing nearly all of the Northern tribes. Standing as the gateway between Kenya’s urban south and the northern expanse, Isiolo is a living symbol of the region’s past and a harbinger of its future. Following the launch of BEAT RADIO: ISIOLO, we will expand the network throughout the northern territory, relaying through existing stations and creating a second station in Loiyangalani to serve as a broadcast hub for the Lake Turkana region- soon to be inundated with refugees displaced by the GIBE III hydropower dam.


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